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The Crafter's Purse

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Developed by Dodecafish and Intended for small artisanal businesses, this advanced spreadsheet system provides a clean and collected way to easily calculate your true product costs and recommended prices in order for said products to be profitable.


 Materials Library - create a library of the materials you use in your business, allowing you to track where you buy them from, how much the materials are bought for, in what quantity and how much the shipping costs. This also takes into account any taxes added to the price and breaks down the price into a per-unit figure, allowing you to look at the true monetary cost of the product in your business.


Product Library - With the ability to take information from the Materials library, you can set up up-to 50 product profiles, calculating their material costs, given how much of the materials are used. 

 Price Calculator - This is the main out-put of The Crafter's Purse. This interface allows you to calculate the RRP of a product from your product library (as-well as the pay split between artisan and business), given the amount of work hours taken to produce the product, the hourly pay rate and packaging costs and profit margin you set. This then allows you to compare the product's recommended figures with the pricing you are actually selling it for so you can see if the product is profitable and if so, by how much.

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Buy now from my ko-fi shop! (it's only £1!)